IMG_0496We are delighted to welcome the latest addition to our team. Fresh off the boat from Oz, Ryan comes with a wealth of experience and a glowing reference from the finest grooming establishment in Brisbane. Doubtless you’ll be seeing plenty of his face here and on Instagram over the coming weeks and months, but for now we thought we’d show you the prices on our lovely new peg-board. To put a face to the name keep an eye out here, or better still come and get a haircut… you sure as hell need one!!

Last week our friends at Woodhouse Clothing on Westbourne Grove kindly threw a party to officially mark our barbering collaboration in store (our barber is now there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday). An editorial crew from Men Style Fashion were there to do film the action and this rather fine video is the result. Yours truly features giving an interview from the barbers chair.

To listen to the recent Radio 4 programme on double-edge safety razor shaving that I took part in click here. Mine is the first voice you’ll hear and then I’m back on about 2 minutes into the feature.

Thought provoking (and rather cool) little film from the BBC. What if everyone had a car indeed? What we should of course all have is a motorbike!

Tomorrow you’ll be able to hear me on the Radio 4 consumer programme You and Yours a little after midday, discussing the growth in popularity of double-edge safety razors. It may then be a while before we have a link to an audio recording but I’ll post it here when we have it.

I’ve had our graphic designer doing some work recently using Victorian lithographic images which put him in mind of a band called The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. The lead singer (Mr Heinz no less) is an old friend of his and he tells me “their albums are a hoot and they are a jolly fine live act as they so look the part… pith helmets and everything!” I can believe it if this video is anything to go by.