Thank you Corner Magazine for a very enjoyable party on Tuesday this week and congratulations Tim (pictured right) for getting the business to where it is today. Some very amusing snaps from the evening here.

Moustache Comb Blog

We recently began supplying our moustache combs to the very cool Pedlars store and we love the illustrations they have created to display these on their website.


We have been stocking Beardsley since 2012 and I never cease to be amazed at the demand for their products. It’s not often that we struggle to keep up with demand but this is genuinely the case with Beardsley. Anyway I thought it was about time I paid them a visit so last month I went to see them at their base just outside San Diego. Until then I hadn’t realized that they have been in business for twenty years! The image here of various iterations of their shampoo bottle shows how the packaging has changed over the years. The other image is a first glimpse of a very handsome, brand new boxed set containing the complete range of products. We should have these in stock by around the end of July. Beard on!

Beardsley Museum Beardsley Box

This is the commercial produced for Italian TV that is part of the campaign I posted about at the beginning of last week. The ad begins with our friends Huckle in Shoreditch.

Last year Proraso began work on an exciting new advertising campaign and I’m pleased to report that this has now been completed. The aim – which has been beautifully realized – was to show interesting barbershops around the world that use Proraso for their wet shaves. We put Proraso in touch with three shops that we have close ties with and which I’m pleased to say all got featured: Ludlow Blunt (formerly Tommy Guns) in New York, Huckle in London’s Shoreditch and Arthur Razor on the other side of town in Acton. Below is the artwork for the print campaign. They also made a nice little video and I’ll try to get that uploaded here in the coming days.

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What Magnus Walker doesn’t know about the Porsche 911 probably isn’t worth knowing. He took his boyhood obsession for the car with him from the depressed Sheffield of the 1980s to the States whilst still only a teenager. Now in his forties, the creation of a successful clothing business in the intervening years means today he can devote much of his considerable abilities and energy to collecting, customizing, driving and selling 911s (of course all mid-1960s to mid-1970s examples, the era of the true 911 according to connoisseurs). Far from carrying out classic restorations, he creates ‘outlaws’ – unique 911s created according to his own personal vision of the moment, infused with rock ‘n’ roll attitude. This incredible half-hour documentary is a fascinating insight into one man’s obsession – a man whose life would make most other men green with envy. I am going to meet him LA next month.

IMG_0494This little guy seemed to be loving the service at our Barber & Shop this weekend as much as his owner!

7thManBlogThank you Seventh Man for the credit in the current issue. We understand we may have a mention in the next issue too!