Visit to Beardsley HQ in California

May 7, 2014

in Me Likey, Photo Diary

We have been stocking Beardsley since 2012 and I never cease to be amazed at the demand for their products. It’s not often that we struggle to keep up with demand but this is genuinely the case with Beardsley. Anyway I thought it was about time I paid them a visit so last month I went to see them at their base just outside San Diego. Until then I hadn’t realized that they have been in business for twenty years! The image here of various iterations of their shampoo bottle shows how the packaging has changed over the years. The other image is a first glimpse of a very handsome, brand new boxed set containing the complete range of products. We should have these in stock by around the end of July. Beard on!

Beardsley Museum Beardsley Box

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