Urban Outlaw – Magnus Walker and his Porsche 911s

March 11, 2014

in Me Likey, Moving Images

What Magnus Walker doesn’t know about the Porsche 911 probably isn’t worth knowing. He took his boyhood obsession for the car with him from the depressed Sheffield of the 1980s to the States whilst still only a teenager. Now in his forties, the creation of a successful clothing business in the intervening years means today he can devote much of his considerable abilities and energy to collecting, customizing, driving and selling 911s (of course all mid-1960s to mid-1970s examples, the era of the true 911 according to connoisseurs). Far from carrying out classic restorations, he creates ‘outlaws’ – unique 911s created according to his own personal vision of the moment, infused with rock ‘n’ roll attitude. This incredible half-hour documentary is a fascinating insight into one man’s obsession – a man whose life would make most other men green with envy. I am going to meet him LA next month.

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